Tee It Up Books

Golf makes an excellent backstory for exploring the myriad of challenges faced by young adults, in today’s world.

Peer pressure, family dynamics, friendships, and career choices are among topics explored in Suzanne Rightley’s Tee It Up Books

Golf is a great game enjoyed the world over. Beginners, to amateurs, to pros – regardless of skill level, golf is a sport that fits into most everyone’s lifestyle.

Stick to Irons

Off-season hockey means on-season golf, and this year, his summer job has Eddie teeing up with a whole new set of challenges. Teaming with old friends and making new ones, means Eddie’s playbook has gone off the ice to the fairways…

It’ll be fun, it’ll be challenging, but for Eddie… addressing his issues is a lot more complicated than ‘addressing the ball’.

Discover the Merits of this Character Driven Sport…

  • Etiquette, consideration for others, and fair play, are among the many positive traits of the game.
  • Junior Golf is growing, providing more opportunities for kids and young adults to play and enjoy.
  • Helps build community involvement and social interaction.

Wholesome reading, based on real-life experiences, assure parents and teachers that the content will be friendly, beneficial, and not offensive in content or language. 

The Tee It Up Series, as well as other books by Suzanne Rightley can be found on Amazon.

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