Ivey Sisters, P.I.

The iFind Detective Agency has new owners – Claire and Connie Ivey. It’s a business they’ve inherited from their last remaining relative, and these sisters are determined that Aunt Millie’s legacy will live on.

Doing so means taking on odd cases to be sure, but with the help of trusted employees, and the advice of a family friend/cop… they manage to solve cases, putting their clients’ lives in order.

Papillon Gone

An eccentric octogenarian, a missing dog, and jewelry that may or may not be stolen, sets the stage for their first big case. A surprising turn of events prove that the Ivey Sisters are indeed, topnotch investigators that can handle just about anything thrown at them… even as their investigation takes them through secret tunnels, wild animals…and…oh yeah, gangsters!

Features of This Mystery Genre for Tweens/Teens…

  • Ideal for independent readers between the ages of 10-15
  • Surprising twists and turns have young readers engrossed until the very last page  
  • Engaging, lively dialogue – including frequent chuckle-moments – propels this fast-paced intrigue to its triumphant, howbeit unexpected conclusion
  • Main characters work through every obstacle and setback, with honesty, resolve, and a relentless determination to succeed
  • Note: Subtle subplot demonstrates respect for others, value of community, and loyalty to family and friends, without ‘preachiness’ that children tend to dislike or reject
  • Furthermore: parents and teachers will appreciate a book that is free of inappropriate content and language for this age group
  • Genre: Wholesome reading that will spark a young person’s enjoyment and interest for mystery novels

Ivey Sisters, P.I. and other book series by Suzanne Rightley can be found on Amazon.

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