Welcome to my Site

I’ve been writing children’s fiction books for some time and finally made the move to self-publishing. I haven’t looked back.

It’s been a wonderful and fulfilling learning experience for sure.

Ultimately, and staying true to my goals, I am hopeful that my young readers will find themselves, not only entertained by my books, but also encouraged by the character driven personalities featured in my series.

Learning life skills need not be “lesson-styled”, forced or manipulative, which is something that today’s kids readily see through, do not appreciate, and generally-speaking… find boring.

Humour, Mystery & Suspense, Health Awareness, and Sports-themed Genres are among my choices to deliver a subtle (very subtle) message of kindness, patience, care, and concern for themselves and others.

Please take a few moments for a quick exploration of my site. I believe you will come away with options for the independent readers you know and love.

Bottom line… Our children cannot read too much!