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Teach Kids How to Make Healthy Choices

The necessity for teaching children the importance for making healthy food choices has never been greater. Obesity and other metabolic diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, Insulin Resistance, and Cardiovascular Disease affect children in growing numbers year after year.

This is a critical situation… It should not be ignored

If you are a parent or teacher looking for material or tools to assist you in your efforts to educate the children you are most concerned about then you may consider Suzanne Rightley’s Fictional Book Series, Granola Brea.

Fiction may be the friendly choice you seek in order to deliver valuable, health-related data to young independent readers.

  • Detailed data, endless statistics, confusing graphs…blah, blah, blah…which all equals “BORING” to kids…
  • Imagination, vision, and fiction…featuring a kid heroine with health facts spouting out of her mouth, ah, constantly, one hilarious predicament after another…

If you are between the ages of 10-14, which of the above would you choose for an education on importance of making healthy food choices. That answer is obvious.